Center for Food Research and Development A.C (CIAD )



Institution: Center for Food Research and Development A.C (CIAD)  
Research Area: Food Security

1) Research Raise productivity and quality in the generation of scientific knowledge through transdisciplinary research in groups and networks.
2) Teaching and training of human resources Internationally position postgraduate programs and improve the quality and efficiency of their processes.
3) Technological development Increase the participation of CIAD in transdisciplinary projects of technological development for the benefit of society.
4) Linking Connect the scientific and technological work with the demands and opportunities to achieve a high impact in the private, social, governmental and educational sectors.
5) Innovation Ensure that research results are transferred and generate value for the private, social and government sectors.
6) Dissemination Consolidate the dissemination of achievements and institutional work to project the image of CIAD and strengthen its social recognition.
7) Organizational culture Promote values, traditions and concepts that strengthen the institutional identity to provide efficient results to society. .

Address: Gustavo Enrique Astiazxarán Rojas Road No. 46; La Victoria, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
CP: 83304
City: Hermosillo
Status: Sonora
Country: MEXICO
Latitude: 29 ° 07'45.3 "N
Longitude: 110 ° 54'22.6 "W
Type: Public | Dependent | National

Telephone: +52 662 2892400 ext 200

Keywords: Research and Development | Services | Technology