Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS)



Institution: Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology
Research Areas: Health | Biodiversity | Social Anthropology | History | Linguistics | Geography | Sociology | Political Science | Ethnohistory

  1. Develop quality and relevant research projects; boost strategic research lines; strengthen the CIESAS National System and its participation in the analysis, understanding and search for solutions to social problems and demands.
  2. Train specialists through high-level programs that are articulated with the research work.
  3. Promote the dissemination and return of research results.
  4. Promote relationships that strengthen our regional, national and international presence.
  5. Strengthen institutional administrative management through the rational and efficient use of information resources and technologies in an environment of austerity, transparency and accountability. CIESAS is a leading institution in fundamental areas such as Anthropology, Ethology, History, Indo-American Linguistics, or other social sciences.

Address: Benito Juárez Street, No. 87
CP: 09200
City: Tlalpan Centro I
State: Mexico City.
Country: Mexico
Latitude: 19.289628,
Length: -99.169033
Type: Public | Autonomous | National

Tel: (52) 5556556010

Keywords: Research and Services