Department of Synoptic and Aeronautical Meteorology
Costa Rica



Institution: Department of Synoptic and Aeronautical Meteorology.
Research Areas: ICT | Energy | Biodiversity and Climate Change


  1. Make short, medium and long term weather forecasts, as well as estimates of the behavior of the dry and rainy seasons.
  2. It carries out a valid marine forecast for the territorial waters of Costa Rica and provides the meteorological-aeronautical information, required nationally and internationally, to all the airlines of the country.
  3. Monitor the atmospheric and oceanic environment of Costa Rica, with the objective of detecting and anticipating the development of atmospheric phenomena that have the potential to generate extreme hydrometeorological events, while issuing the meteorological warning reports required by the first institutions answer.

Address: National Meteorological Institute. Barrio Aranjuez, Avenida 9 and Calle 17. Facing Northwest side of Calderón Guardia Hospital.
PC: 5583
City: San José
Province: Province of San José
Country: Costa Rica
Latitude: 9 ° 56'13.77 "N
Longitude: 84 ° 4'8.53 "O
Type: Public | Autonomous | National

Tel: 22225616 309

Keywords: Metereology | Basic and Applied Research | Climate Change