Georeferenced Map of Research Infrastructures

Research Areas

The term research infrastructure is defined as a resource, establishing that it is the set or system of all those elements or devices necessary for the execution of the Research and Development Activities of a given research project. It refers to facilities, resources or services necessary to develop cutting-edge and top-quality research, as well as for the transmission, exchange and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer and the promotion of innovation. They are unique or exceptional in their genre, with a very high investment, maintenance and operation cost, and whose importance and strategic nature justifies their availability for the entire R & D & I group.

They have three fundamental characteristics, are publicly owned infrastructures, are unique and are open to competitive access. They are distributed throughout the national territory and are included in what is called the “Research Infrastructure Map”.

The research infrastructures that each country has prioritized in the defined areas are presented below: energy, health, food security, biodiversity and climate change and finally ICT.

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