Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies



Institution: Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies
Research Area: Health.


  1. Contribute to the improvement of the population's health.
  2. Increase the level and scope of scientific research in health.
  3. Advise on the formulation and evaluation of health policies.
  4. Increase the provision of services in the Institution's own fields and those required in terms of health and public hygiene.
  5. Define the planning and coordination of the scientific research sector in health, with the cooperation of the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation and the University of Panama.
  6. Systematically promote the development of a national scientific culture in health, so that it contributes to the production of knowledge about the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental reality that affects the health of the Panamanian population.
  7. Promote the development of scientific research in the area of health and its relationship with the biological, environmental, behavioral and / or organizational determinants of services to be used as basic information in the formulation and evaluation of policies, strategies and general lines of action in the field of health
  8. Provide scientific-technical information on health to the scientific community, the National Health System and other sectors of national development.

Address: Ave. Justo Arosemena, between 35th and 36th streets. Corid of Calidonia.
PM: 0816-02593
City: Panama City
Province: Panama
Country: Republic of Panama
Latitude: 8.970776
Length: -79.533931
Type: Public | Autonomous | National

E-mail: jagonzalez@gorgas.gob.pa
Telephone: 527-4800
Website: www.gorgas.gob.pa

Keywords: Health