Institute of Health Research (INISA)
Costa Rica



Institution: Institute of Health Research (INISA)  - Costa Rica university
Research Area: Health

  1. Investigate the determinants of human health, to contribute to its maintenance and promotion.
  2. Contribute to the training and training of human resources in health research.
  3. Establish strategic alliances to strengthen and promote health research.
  4. Develop social action in health through teaching extension, information and dissemination, advice and services to the community.
  5. Strengthen the management, infrastructure and technological capacity of INISA for the sustainable development of health research.
  6. Design strategies so that the knowledge generated has an impact on health policies.

Address: Research City of the University of Costa Rica.
CP: 2060
City: San Pedro de Montes de Oca
Province: Province of San José
Country: Costa Rica
Latitude: 9.975330,
Length: -84.048306
Type: Public | Autonomous | National

Tel: 2511-2136

Keywords: Health | Basic and Applied Research