In 2017, the sixth meeting of Senior Officials on Science and Technology (SOM) of the joint EU-CELAC initiative on Research and Innovation (JIRI) was held, an instance where the need to guarantee a strategic regional association in research and innovation was confirmed through the development of the EU-CELAC Joint Research Area. On that occasion the Senior Officials pledged that the dimension of research infrastructures be one of the three strategic pillars of this Common Research Area (CRA).

The group is chaired by the Directorate of Research and Innovation of the European Union (EC-RTD) and Dr. Fernando Amestoy, Executive Director of the Scientific and Technological Park of Pando, Uruguay, who was nominated by the CELAC Presidency to represent to member countries and approved by the consensus of all representatives. The Group Secretary is developed by the European Union Liaison Office (MEC CUBIST) of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay

The general objective of this working group is to align and harmonize the coordination of regional (bi) policies and share good practices in the development of policies and in the mapping of research infrastructures, in order to make the most of those They are available at the intra and extra regional level.

The development of this instrument aims to fill the gap that Latin America and the Caribbean did not have so far, a computer platform that geographically located on the map of the region’s territory to the main institutions that carry out scientific research activities and / or technological development. It aims to provide standardized information on the areas of knowledge and research topics addressed by them.

The original objective of this website was to map the main institutions that carry out this type of activities. A second stage of elaboration consisted in the development of a software that allows the use of geo referenced information obtained in an interactive public access platform, which can be updated and improved continuously, based on the information that the institutions provide.

We hope this tool will be useful for researchers, the private sector that may have identified who can respond to their concerns and National Governments.

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