Institut Pasteur Montevideo - Unit of Transgenic and Experimental Animals



Institution: Institut Pasteur de Montevideo.
Research Area: Health | Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics | Functional Genomics | Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Malignant Cell | Tumor Virology | Glyco-immunology Tumor | Biotechnology and Technology Transfer.

The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo (IP Montevideo) aims to be a scientific institution of excellence with the incorporation of a group of select young researchers and the latest technology available in its field. It also aims to sponsor the development of biological sciences in Uruguay and to contribute to the development of biotechnologies, attracting investments in the areas of innovation.

Mission: International level science production in the field of biology, articulating research, its applications and the training of specialized human resources, contributing to the development of Uruguayan science and biotechnology. Foundation on December 19, 2004.

Address: Mataojo 2020
CP: 11400
City: Montevideo
Department: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Latitude: -34,883317
Length: -56,119527
Type: Mixed | Dependent | National

Telephone: 2522 0910

Keywords: Health | Pasteur | Animal Genome | Biomedicine Cancer