Uruguayan Center for Molecular Imaging (CUDIM).



Institution: Uruguayan Center for Molecular Imaging (CUDIM).  
Research Area: Health

  1. Provide assistance to the population in the form of diagnosis and monitoring of therapies linked to their specialty.
  2. Become a training center for professionals and scientists in the area, stimulating the formation of postgraduate studies.
  3. Perform Research tasks to develop new diagnostic markers.
  4. Establish ties of collaboration, coordination and academic exchange with similar scientific centers around the world.
  5. Carry out the other tasks and functions that are within their powers for reasons of specialization.

Address: Av. Dr. Américo Ricaldoni 2010.
CP: 11600
City: Montevideo
Department: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Latitude: -34.891614
Length: -56.153366
Type: Mixed | Autonomous | National

E-mail: cudim@cudim.org
Telephone: 5982480 3238
Website: http://cudim.org/

Keywords: Research and Development | Services | Technology | Health